Saturday, April 14, 2012

Once we've decided we need to make a change...

One of the biggest things I do is research.

Is it a pain?


Can I seem to get around it?


As we're making changes to how we do things, I'm always on the lookout for what others are doing, how they're making it work and hoping that I can glean something from them being further down the road than I am.

Have you ever noticed how many opinions are out there on how to eat, clean, shop and do just about everything else?

It can drive a person crazy.

How do we end up making decisions on what to do?

In all honesty, we rely on the Lord.

His guidance and direction gives us the confidence we need to move forward with a new direction or product knowing that if we're going down the wrong path, He'll redirect us where He wants us to go.

Ultimately, our faith rests in the fact that He's taking care of us despite what we may or may not get right.

Such peace comes from that.

After we feel like it's something we should pursue, we take practical steps to making it happen.

Where can we purchase what we need?

How can we afford it?

How will it work with our schedules?

For example, right now, I've got the following things that I'm working on figuring out (in no particular order):

1. Sprouting grain and grinding my own flour.
2. Making sourdough bread.
3. Soaking and dehydrating seeds and nuts.
4. Snack food/dessert that's fun without throwing us off track.

I've got to tackle meal planning first and foremost.

Don't ask me why it's #5.

Also don't ask why I'm explaining it vs. just going up and changing it to #1.

I've heard some really great tips on how to go about successful meal planning, but I'm always on the lookout for more. If you've got something that works for you, please pass it along!