Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's an Ideal Day Look Like?

One of the questions we've gotten is what an ideal day would look like from a food perspective.

I remember when I started thinking about what we ate.

We were newly married.

In our first apartment.

I wanted brownies.

But I didn't have a boxed mix on hand.


No brownies.

Then a little thought in my head: "How do the boxed mixes get made? I mean, someone has to put ingredients in the box. I wonder if it's possible to make brownies with just the ingredients and no box."

Get ready for the shock of your day.

You can make brownies without a boxed mix.

I know, I know.

I was blown away too.

Next question: "Why does the label on American Cheese say 'Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product' instead of just cheese?"

But that's a story for another day.

What does this have to do with our ideal day of eating?

I'm not really sure.

I was just reminiscing.

Maybe it connects.

Hang with me.

Here's a sample of what we eat.

Eggs are a staple.

We've done hardboiled, but I'm kinda burned out on that so we'll do omelets or scrambled or over easy. We use lots of butter when we cook them.

We've also loved coconut flour pancakes with lots of butter and real maple syrup and pork sausage from our farmers when we can get it. We are also fans of bacon.

We're planning to venture into homemade cereal in the near future. As for why homemade over store bought, this is what we've read.

We usually have dinner from the night before for lunch the next day. We find this saves us a lot of money as we don't buy bread, lunchmeat, sliced cheese, chips, etc. for the purpose of making lunches.

It also simplifies things, by not having to plan an additional meal but knowing that what we're eating is good for us.

We mainly do beef and chicken. We're venturing into seafood and may try to have it once a week.

We try to include one or more veggies as a side or as part of the meal.

Sometimes we have rice and rarely pasta, but we've tried to ease ourselves off the carbs. We didn't realize how much we ate them or relied on them until we tried to back off of them.

We cook with lots of butter, olive oil and want to try real lard or beef tallow if I can find where to buy it.

We do a lot of homemade ice cream or fruit and homemade whipped cream or homemade popsicles for desserts. We've recently discovered almond butter and have been enjoying that with apples.

We also eat a lot of sunflower seeds.

We drink raw milk almost daily and get low-temp pasteurized cream for ice cream and whipped cream. We'd love to get raw cream, but it's not available where we get our milk and the closest place we've found is an hour away.

We've cut way back on our cheese usage, but when we use cheese, we try to follow these guidelines.
If we had a more convenient way to purchase it, we'd buy almost all our cheese from Veldhuizen Cheese.

The butter we use is Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter.

That's a brief overview of how we try to eat on a regular basis.

Does that relate to boxed brownies?


I guess we never connected there.

But learning you can make brownies without a box can just be a little bonus for reading this post.

Feel free to go out and impress your friends with that knowledge.

You're welcome.

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